Ethiopian Bird’s Eye Chili – (piri piri)

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We bring to you one of the most exotic chilies in the world – Ethiopian Bird’s Eye Chili
Eaten as a salad dressing or pickle or as a canned food enhancer, Ethiopia bird’s eye berbere or chile de arbere, a member of Capsicum annum species, is one of the few chilies that are exotic to the country. Usually red hot, the pod makes a popular seasoning in Ethiopia known as Mitmita. It is enjoyed in powder form and can consist of other spicy additives like cardamom, table salt and cloves. The chili is one of the hottest with a scoville scale reading of between 100000 and 225000 units.

We source Ethiopia bird’s eye berbere from different parts of the country.

We ensure that smallholder producers adhere to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).


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