About Us

Who We Are

SpiceCradle is a brand guided by two core principles:  excellence in service as the basis for a successful business, and the power of agricultural trade to transform farmers’ lives.


What We Offer

Carefully selected aromatic and organic spices and herbs from Africa.

Working directly with farmers’ cooperatives and individual farmers throughout Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, SpiceCradle sources the finest quality, organic and aromatic herbs and spices for you.

You can choose from a wide array of flavors that suits your taste and preference best.

We’ll soon add to our list the uniquely flavored wild grown spices from the northern highlands of Ethiopia.

What Makes Us Unique

We are not just another organic spice trader. Our brand is marked by three important concepts: quality, authenticity, and social impact.



We provide carefully selected aromatic, high-quality and organic spices in a process that is monitored from source to destination to ensure best quality.



Our organic products are traceable all the way to the individual farmers.


Social impact

We promote farmers’ engagement in cultivating high-value and climate resilient herbs and spices to reduce their vulnerability to climate change and enhance their incomes.

Focusing on sustainability, we promote adoption of innovation and cutting-edge solutions such as mobile technologies to improve Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) enhance farmer’s access to market.

Through our innovative profit sharing arrangement, we promote organic farming as a niche market for smallholder farmers while at the same time sustaining a positive environmental impact.


Our Philosophy

We work with smallholder farmers with up to 10 acres of land. We partner with development and research institutes to enable our partnering farmers to improve farming practices and yields, while guaranteeing a steady market for their produce. We continue to develop partnership with relevant communities of practice to ensure farmers benefit from extension services, Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) training and evidence-based farming supported by market intelligence.

In keeping with our target to recruit as many farmers as possible, we always welcome new farmers. Apply HERE to join our farmers’ community and we will reach out to you.


Our Goal

To bring high-end quality products to our customers through a socially responsible investment.


Our Vision

Be a socially responsible private enterprise that continually seeks to transform the lives of smallholder farmers in Africa.